Family Assistant-long term, year round

United States
Apr 03, 2024
Amazing opportunity for a kind and caring individual who can offer tremendous flexibility to a prominent Executive family. Parents travel often which creates the need to find an extremely responsible Family Assistant to help in many ways.

Position will involve oversight and driving of children (in middle school and high school), along with organizing their schedules and homework. The Family Assistant will also handle light housework, laundry, running errands and coordinating/supervising vendors. Cooking and deep cleaning are handled by others.

We are looking for two individuals to split the schedule which does involve overnights and weekends during some weeks. Other hours are Monday-Friday, 7am-10am and 3pm-7 or 9pm some nights. 30 hours/week can be guaranteed with some weeks needing more. If you have the ability to work overnights and weekends, other schedule arrangements may be considered.

Requirements include ability to maintain confidentiality, absolute reliability, flexibility with schedule and solid professional references. In addition, the ideal candidate has worked in a similar capacity for another family. Must have impeccable driving record.

There is potential for international travel!

Please do not apply if you are only seeking a summer position, this is long term, year round.

If interested, send resume asap. All inquiries will remain confidential.
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