Delivery Driver / Warehouse

United States
Los Angeles
Dec 31, 2023
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Hello, thank you for reading our posting.

We're looking for someone with Bobtail truck driving experience of at least 6 months, who can also work in our warehouse, making orders, rotating inventory, unloading trucks, and cleaning up at the end of each day.

We'll need you to have proof from the DMV of a clean driving record, so we can provide it to our insurance.
You can get a copy of your driving record by using a kiosk at the DMV, you don't need to stand in line.

We are a meat distribution company. Boxes of meat could be 10-110 lbs., but the average is probably between 40-85 lbs. These are the types of boxes you'll be asked to lift to make your orders.

-We are offering $19.00/hour.
-The position is a 5 Day per week, full time position, 40 hours (maybe more, if you don't reach 40 hours, most likely you will have worked more than 8 hours on the days you did work, so you'll still be paid for at least 40 hours). We work 6 days/week, with Sundays off. You'll be asked to work 5 days per week, with Sunday + 1 other day off. We will need you to work on Saturday. Start time is 5 AM each day. End time varies, between 1 - 7 PM, on average. Every once in a while, a long day might end at 9 PM.

We are looking to hire as soon as possible, feel free to text me or e-mail me.

Thank you.
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