Experienced Servers High hrly plus tips.

United States
New York
New York
Apr 03, 2024
Server part-time and full-time positions available.

West Village restaurant and Cocktail bar is seeking servers for 2-5 shifts a week. If you constantly have customers writing on your receipts that you were amazing, we want you! Please only apply is you posses the following:

-3-4 years experience in high volume server role with very little backup. If you are coming from a job that has food runners and table bussers this is may not be the job for you.
-Attention to detail and cleanliness is something you take pride in.
-Customer experience is a top priority for you.
-Outgoing and upbeat personality
-Food Knowledge and proper service acumen.
-Team player

Please send Resume and anything else that sets you apart.

Thank you!
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