Skilled Carpenter / Craftsman

United States
Apr 03, 2024
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Higher Ground Property Management offers design, construction, improvement, and maintenance of properties and structures as well as civil construction, project management, and general contracting services.

Hiring 1099 and W2 depending on preference and arrangement.

Needed is a versatile carpenter/craftsman who can assist the owner in spearheading small/mid sized projects as well aspects of larger projects. This individual must be confident in his or her skill and able to display said skill consistently, have a suitable work vehicle, have his or her own tools, and be willing to give instruction to grips/laborers as necessary.

Desired Skills of Ideal Candidate: framing, flooring, windows, doors, roofing, siding, finish carpentry, fixture installation, tile laying, drywall hanging and finishing, paint, etc.

Desired Traits of Ideal Candidate: positive attitude, confident, enjoys driving projects to completion, adequate listening and language skills, high energy, excited by new challenges, enjoys solving problems.

The mission statement of Higher Ground is to embrace hard work as a virtue, find joy in creating and improving communities, and to bring value to our customers and their assets.

Higher Ground offers flexible scheduling, PTO plan, employee tool and asset sharing program, and paid continuing education program.

Contact Higher Ground today and discover that it's possible to enjoy your career!
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