Fun Front of House Position at LGBTQ Owned Business

United States
Dec 31, 2023
Role: Front of House

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Job Description:

We are seeking a dynamic and energetic Front of House (FOH) Team Member to join our team. The ideal candidate should have a background in restaurant service, performance, and leadership. They should be able to interact with guests while prepping food, maintain a high level of product artistry, and excel in performance artistry by being a great storyteller.


In everything we do, we challenge the status quo of sexuality through delivering flirtatiously delicious culinary experiences. We are committed to fostering a sex-positive, inclusive, and entertaining environment that encourages open-mindedness and breaks down barriers surrounding sexuality.


Fun: Embrace joy, have fun, and be flirtatious. Engage with the team and guests, and uplift everyone around you.
Sex-Positive: Passionately embrace the company mission and brand, and promote a sex-positive workplace.
Community-Oriented: Embrace the team and individual differences, working together as a collective, and celebrate uniqueness in all.


Prior restaurant experience preferred
Outgoing and energetic personality
Ability to interact with guests while prepping food required
High product artistry and attention to detail required
Storytelling-like skills which include quick wittedness, humor, and reading your audience.
Able to find and draw the line between flirtatious “humor” and offensive language and behavior.
Ability to keep workspace camera-ready at all times required - consistently clean workspace
High personal hygiene standards required
Capable of working in a fast-paced environment required
Artistic performance experience is a plus
Leadership experience is a plus


Food preparation
Cooking waffles in a waffle iron
“Dressing” the waffles in chocolate and other sauces in a clean, fun, and detail oriented way
Dispensing frozen liquor beverages from a slushie machine.
Dispensing all alcohol products responsibly
Maintaining a clean drink station to prevent syrup buildup and potential pest issues.
Engage with customers and provide excellent service while simultaneously preparing food with attention to detail and high quality
Maintain a high energy level, staying upbeat and "with-it" throughout the work shift
Work efficiently and effectively in a fast-paced environment, while remaining focused and having fun under pressure
Stay vigilant and demonstrate the ability to de-escalate situations involving unhappy or unwelcome guests Ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all guests and staff
Exhibit product artistry by consistently creating and recreating food products with high attention to detail and success rate as trained.
Demonstrate performance artistry by being quick-witted and creative in the moment, entertaining customers through storytelling and food presentation
Uphold HR policies by discerning between "fun" or "crude humor" and potentially offensive behavior, ensuring an inclusive and respectful environment
Maintain a clean workspace at all times, staying camera-ready and adhering to personal
hygiene standards
Exhibit a sex-positive attitude and embrace the company's mission and brand with passion and enthusiasm
Read and connect with customers and coworkers, adapting to their needs and uplifting the collective atmosphere
Promote and uphold company values: FUN, Sex-Positive, and Community-Oriented


Proven experience in a front of house role, preferably in a fast-paced restaurant or similar setting.
Cooking or any BOH experience is a plus.
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to engage and entertain customers.
Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt to challenging situations.
A keen eye for detail, ensuring consistent product quality and presentation.
Ability to work well under pressure and perform duties on camera.
A commitment to maintaining a clean and organized workspace.
A sex-positive attitude and alignment with the company's core values.
A team player who embraces individual differences and contributes to a positive, collaborative work environment.

By joining our team, you'll have the opportunity to grow within a fun, sex-positive, and community-oriented company, while showcasing your skills and making a difference in the lives of our customers.

By joining our team, you'll have the opportunity to grow within a fun, sex-positive, and community-oriented company, while showcasing your skills and making a difference in the lives of our customers. As a Front of House team member, you will play a vital role in fulfilling our mission and upholding our core values, contributing to an exceptional experience for all who engage with our brand.


Please visit our careers page and start your application:

Thank you,
The Willies 'N Waffles Team
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