Professional cook and Salad starting $18 to $25

United States
District of Columbia
Apr 03, 2024
we are looking for a very serious and professional individuals with a minimum of 2 to 3 years of restaurant experiences to joint our team. we are longstanding neighborhood restaurant located in friendship Height Wisconsin Ave Washington DC. very well served by the red line metro and bus

this is a serious offer with very good pay and this position is for a person who is available now part time or full time and wish to work immediately. Weekend and brunch availability is required.

You must be ready to be trained and work in all kitchen stations and available to be trained and work immediately.

• Preparing food for hours of operation, knives skill, cleaning/cutting fish filet, butchering all meats
• Cooking menu items in cooperation with the rest of the kitchen staff
• Clean up the station and take care of leftover food
• Stock inventory appropriately
• Ensure that food comes out simultaneously, in high quality, and in a timely fashion
• Comply with nutrition and sanitation regulations and safety standards

please send your resume and we will contact you for an interview.
thank you very much
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