Experienced Scratch Line Cooks, Temp with possible hire, Downtown DC

United States
District of Columbia
Apr 03, 2024
CRR is a private staffing company based in DC that hires* as well as places hours staff.

We have an highly regarded client with immediate needs for PM line cooks and pastry cooks. This is a serious kitchen that requires professional team members. We do have many other positions but the purpose of this ad is for Experienced cooks with Open Evening Availability and who are ready to work immediately.

If you respond to this ad with your resume and/or work experience and state that you are interested in the PM line cook or pastry position I will respond promptly.

Are you not sure what type of place you want to work? Try a staffing agency to get a feel for different places without committing.

Every day we are getting calls for different types of places.

Uniform and location vary by request.

Our staff books themselves and there are never "must work" shifts.

Please respond to this email with your work experience or resume; we will respond to qualified applicants.

All CRR staff are required to interview by appointment. Qualified candidates will be contacted to schedule and interview and we will work with your schedule.

CRR is an equal opportunity employer that participates in E-verify.

*The on-call employment with CRR is dependent upon our clients need and your ability to meet their standards, rules, and or code of conduct. If you become employed, then the employment is subject to your ability to meet our clients’ needs. You will only be able to be paid when you are working with a client
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