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Apr 03, 2024
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Your Broker telling you to DOOR KNOCK?????!!! If so... YOU are with the wrong Brokerage!

Tired of paying Board Dues for NOTHING! If so... then you may want to talk to US!

Door Knocking went out with Door to Door Salesmen. It is not only archaic but annoying to the homeowner.

Paying unnecessary BOARD DUES, Desk Fees, Transaction Fees, etc is also going out of style. And I bet you are expected to generate your own business

We are looking for Four licensed California Real Estate Agents that do not want to pay Realtor Association and miscellaneous office fees.

There is a Myth that if you do not belong to the Realtor Association, you cannot sell or list property in California. Not true; your license is with the State of California; not the Realtor Association.

We offer OUR agents the opportunity to make money immediately. We provide the clients and the tools necessary for them to be successful. This is a perfect opportunity to earn commissions thru leasing and sales and build your own client base. With our brokerage, your success truly matters. Make great money fast and best of all...WORK FROM HOME!

Unlike other agencies, we do not make offers to everyone with a license. We do not charge desk fees and only make money when our agents perform....therefore we only hire the best! We also do not require you to join the Board.

Opportunities with our Brokerage:

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