Music Studio needs Dependable Helper

United States
Los Angeles
Apr 03, 2024
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We're a rehearsal studio in Culver City and looking for the right person to join our team. This job doesn't really have a title; we need someone as flexible as the job is.

Here's what we do:
- Hourly studio: Bands book by the hour to rehearse at one location. Staff ensures the rooms are ready for incoming bands, handles any needs or issues, answers phones, takes bookings, tidies throughout.
- Lockout studios: We have 10 locations around LA. Sometimes studios need to be painted, toilets need to be fixed, locks changed, etc. This is all light maintenance work and doesn't require any serious skill. Most of the time you will be with a manager that will lead the project. We may need someone to drive to these locations to do light repairs on their own; so a reliable method of transportation is a requirement.
- Events: At the hourly studio location, we have a large warehouse. Clients book the warehouse for events (we close the hourly studio to accommodate); anything from baby showers to filming. Staff communicates with the contact on site and cleans after the event. Any issues are handled by staff but there will always be a manager a phone call away.

We'd love to find a musician that has a flexible schedule, doesn't mind late nights, and can work weekends. This job is part-time at about 20 hours per week, paid weekly. We need someone that is DOWN to do what needs to be done, whatever that may be. As you can tell from the description, the job varies depending on what is needed that week. Mostly will be maintenance and assisting the manager with events, etc., but may also cover shifts at the hourly studio if needed. You don't necessarily have to be a musician, but it would be great to have someone on hand to change drum heads. :-)

I have a lot on my plate and need someone I can depend on. Let's chat! Please respond via email with a resume. In the email, tell me what you think about the job. Social media helps too. Thanks!
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