Compensated Drinkable Snacks Focus Group

United States
Los Angeles
Apr 03, 2024
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Do you buy snacks for your household? Do you enjoy drinkable snacks?
JRI a major market research firm is conducting a focus group on beverages and drinkable snacks. We are conducting a 2 hour focus group that contains 3 pre-homework assignments that must be completed before the focus group. They are fun assignments about snacks and your purchasing habits for your home.

All participants in the study will earn $225.00 for the the 2 hour focus group which includes the homework assignments which take about 20 minutes each (total 60 minutes). This should be a dynamic, fun focus group about food, snacks and what you like to consume.

If you would like to participate please answer our questionnaire (see link below) which should take 4 minutes of your time. If you prefer to be screened by phone let us know and we can qualify you that way. The link is a lot faster.

Please be assured that everything discussed within the focus group will be held in strict confidence and your name and feedback will never be used outside of our research.

Here is the Link:

Thank you for your interest in our research!
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