Salmonberry Goods Hiring Passionate Produce Lead

United States
Sep 18, 2023
Seattle's farm-to-table bakery is seeking a stoked person to help lead our farm produce & delivery team.

Salmonberry is a bakery making farm-to-table bakes and sourdough bread alongside a CSA/grocery program sourced exclusively from small independent family farms, where we also make kombucha and microgreens grown in house. We sell at farmers markets and deliver to homes around Seattle in a food movement to preserve small farmland and the earth.

We're hiring a lead for our produce team: this position starts between $22-26, DOE, and must be available either Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday to fulfill two delivery days weekly from our Ballard warehouse. Responsibilities include small farm produce intake and delivery day prep, order processing and routebuilding, CSA box assembly and driver loadout. You'll also help maintain our urban microgreens farm (watering, planting and harvesting) and support drivers and delivery routes.

Must be available to drive/have valid driver's license, as availability for deliveries/driver support is a part of this role. Good candidates must have great focus and attention to detail, be self-motivated working solo and in small teams, be comfortable navigating Google Drive and Sheets/Excel-style work, and offer stellar customer service via email.

Must be professional, calm, highly communicative, lighthearted: a team player and eager contributor who can give and receive criticism with ease. New processes aren't a challenge but an opportunity. You have a strict attention to detail and stay organized in all working environments. You have a great attitude and always ready to push until the job is done. Something doesn't have to be wrong in order to improve it. Good fits are passionate about food systems, baking, cooking, local agriculture and the natural world.

Full time positions eligible for excellent 100% employer-covered healthcare, plus 60% dental and vision option. Other benefits for all staff include reliable scheduling, flexible time off, discounts, coffee/family meal, and more. Growth opportunities including PTO/salary/bonuses available for ambitious folks.

To apply, reply with your resume and a cover letter including;
- a list of the music you like to play while working,
- your favorite things to cook or bake and why,
- your availability,
- and why you think you'd be a good fit for this position.

Minimum of 1 year commitment necessary for this role.

Looking forward to meeting you!
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