Restaurant Dishwasher/Pantry/cook

United States
Apr 03, 2024
Girardi's is a full service Italian restaurant in Edmonds, in the same location for over 24 years. We have a great kitchen staff and each of them can fill in for all positions when needed.

We are currently hiring a Dishwasher with desire to work Pantry and cook
While your primary position would be a dishwasher, you will be taught Pantry (making salads, dishing desserts, chopping/cutting, and prep work), and help cook when you feel you can progress to that station.

Qualifications and job functions include:

Previous experience working with an automatic dishwasher or washing by hand
Availability to work all restaurant hours. Certain exception will be considered.
Must have reliable transportation and live within 15 minutes of work.
Wash dishes, pots and pans and stack in drying area. Move to where they will be needed.
Help with other kitchen duties as requested by senior cooks/chef.
Prep vegetables and pantry bins.
Adhere to all health and sanitization guidelines
Clean up the kitchen at end of every shift. That includes sweeping and mopping.

Starting wage is $17, plus share of tip pool which currently runs between $2 and $3 per hour.
Kitchen staff receive free non-protein meals during working shifts, free soda and coffee.
Everyone receives sick pay based on state guidelines.

Send your resume or some kind of letter explaining your availability and qualification for this position.
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