Food Truck Cashier, Cook, Line (PT only)! $20-24/hr

United States
Apr 03, 2024
Compensation: $20-24/hr (this rate includes tips)
Employment type: Part Time Position

We are looking for new team members to work a part-time position on one of our five food trucks. We have two different time slots available. We would prefer a candidate who can be cross-trained in any position, but the positions available are cashier and line/cook.

- Lunch shift hours would be from 9:30-2:30pm Monday-Friday.

- Dinner shift hours are from 3pm-9pm Wednesday-Saturday.

**We have a little flexibility in the schedule, so if you are interested but can't make those exact hours, please respond with the hours you are available**

What Your Day Would Look Like...

Schedule will be given the weekend before service
You can either meet the truck at the service location from 11am-2pm M-F (4pm-9pm Wed-Sat) or you can help load and unload the truck and meet at our commercial kitchen (about an hour extra of work on both sides of the shift)
Load all the food and supplies you need, drive the truck out to various corporate offices in Downtown Seattle
Serve tasty food to our awesome customers for your shift!
Drive back to the kitchen, unload and clean the truck.

What We Are Looking For

Must be a strong communicator; able to manage customer rushes with large lines in a respectful and customer-service focused manner.
Work with urgency, understand the importance of efficient line control.
Reliable, professional, consistent and hard working.
Restaurant experience is preferred but not required. Bonus if you have already worked on a food truck!
Good understanding of technology; comfortable with text/email/google drive/iOS apps. Ideal if you have worked with the Square POS system before
A positive and outgoing attitude!
Enjoys working in a fast paced environment


Sick Leave Program*
Tip pooling based on hours
Free downtown parking
Consistent and flexible schedule! We can work around your hours!
Free Meals
Employee Referral Program ($500/referral)
* only available after 90 days

*Application process

1. Please reply to this posting and attach your resume.
2. Please include whether you are applying for the lunch shift hours or dinner shift hours.
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