$24-32/hr Food Truck Lead - Prep Cook, Line, Cashier!

United States
Apr 03, 2024
Compensation: $24-32/hr (tips included in range)
Employment: 30-40+hrs/week

We are looking for new team members to work a hybrid position with us in our downtown Seattle production kitchen and on one of our five food trucks. This position would split work between working in our commercial production kitchen and working on the food truck. Hours would be 30-40+ hours/week.
What Your Day Would Look Like...

Pickup the truck from our truck parking lot on 4th Ave in Seattle
Drive the food truck into our production kitchen in Downtown Seattle
Begin prep work for truck service
Load all the food and supplies you need, drive the truck out to various corporate offices in Downtown Seattle
Serve tasty food to our awesome customers for our dinner shifts at either corporate offices or local breweries (lunch service shifts are typically 11am-2pm, dinner service shifts are 4pm-8pm)!
Drive the truck back to the kitchen, unload the food and finish your day

What We Are Looking For...

Must have a clean, valid drivers license and able to drive our food trucks (similar to a moving van in terms of size, all gasoline, automatic vehicles)
Line/Prep experience required, bonus if you have food truck experience!
Must be a strong communicator. Expect to consistently work in team environments
Must be proficient with technology (Square POS, troubleshooting bluetooth connections, shared google documents, text, navigation, phone apps)
Self-Starter with strong problem solving skills.
A positive, professional attitude!
Enjoys working in a fast paced environment


Sick Leave Program
Tip pooling
Flexibility to work with your schedule whether you want 30 hours or 40+ hours, we can offer you the flexibility you need.
One free meal per service worked
Growing company looking to promote from within
Employee Referral Program ($500/referral)*
Annual Bonuses*
Free Parking in Downtown
* only available after 90 days

*Application process

1. Please reply to this posting and attach your resume.
2. Please include desired hours of work per week.
3. Please indicate whether you are looking for lunch shift or dinner shift hours
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